Preeti in Paris

Don't judge me! I'm just an egg.
Follow me through Paris and beyond, and be privy to my thoughts, observations and adventures.

I went out last night to a small bar across the road called Marlusse et Lapin. The atmosphere was convivial and I met some nice people but I definitely stayed out too late for someone going on a long train ride today…

I’m going to Lausanne, Switzerland for a week of exploration and (hopefully) relaxation. Hope to be posting while I’m there. If not…

Peace :)

Pigalle, tu n’est pas mal

Now whilst I’m not super keen on my area being the red-light district of Paris, I am glad that I can walk in the streets at any time of the day or night and the “hosts” outside strip clubs don’t jump out in front of me and try to get me inside. And I’m even gladder that the 2 or 3 frighteningly masculine prostitutes that service my street never, ever try to talk to me. Got to appreciate the simple joys of being female.

PS: I really do love Pigalle, there’s never a dull moment =)

What do you do when you’re sick?

I usually do something I really shouldn’t, such as go for a job interview, go power-shopping, drink beer, go out to a gig, jump around on a dance floor… Or I do all of the above and suffer the consequences the next day. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Anyway, I went to this gig last night at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, right next to - you guessed it - the Moulin Rouge. It was a french band called BSMS, they were great and the night, in general, was pretty damn awesome. I even danced. Woke up this morning with a face on my arm and random bits of art in my notepad. Sweet. 

These foreign bugs are pretty hardcore. They’ve well and truly infiltrated my human fortress and they’ve a good grip on me and so I’m going to have to go now and ease my pain with food, panadol, blanket and movies.